Lauren Kelley founded Socials, LLC in 2012 after being actively involved in several events in 2010 and 2011. She served as a bridesmaid/wedding hostess at several of her friend’s weddings, and planned a last minute 50th birthday celebration for her mother. She realized the importance of timing and organization while being involved in these events, and also enjoyed the creativity she could express through event styling. Her background in the performing arts, combined with earning a BA in Communication and her MBA, provided her an eclectic mix of skills needed to launch her company.

During the course of her journey, Lauren felt the need to go deeper in her creative expression. While planning 2015’s The Love Life Celebration, she began to write a great deal, and decided to share her story as the host of this event. The desire to share her experiences grew, and was motivated by the potential to relate to and help others who may have gone through similar situations. Finally, in early 2018, she realized she could share her story through The Social Circle™️ blog, which was previously used solely to document events she planned.

With this new direction, Lauren hopes to build a community where true social connection can occur.